01 Oct

Please vote for the next round of Jack Petchey winners THIS WEEK!

✨Think you might know somebody who is kind, giving, thoughtful or generous? Maybe you want to nominate them for something positive they’ve done for the club? Make sure you vote in the clubhouse to help decide our Jack Petchey winner!✨

Don't forget you CANNOT vote for past winners ( 2017, Theo, Megan, Charlie, Ruby, Jess and Sola 2018 Henry, Daniel, Sara, Hayley, Emily and Liam 2019 Bryan, Jodie, Tilly and Tosin ) Also you shouldn't complete more than one vote per nominee or vote for siblings etc...the reasons on the votes have to be valid as these are passed on to the foundation at the end of this month.

Please get you nominations in, it's such a good resource to have but it must be used! Or the funding will stop!