Thurrock Harriers Constitution  

Name of the Club. 
The name of the Club shall be ‘Thurrock Harriers Athletic Club’

The location is the Blackshots Athletics Stadium, Springfield Rd, Blackshots, Grays, Essex RM162QT
Tel: 01375 377599

Internet address:

Secretary: Jon Metcalf -

Mission statement
The club caters for athletes of all ages, development and abilities to enhance their potential in the variety of disciplines which the sport offers. The Club aims to support the members’ goals through well qualified and experienced coaching, dedicated to the needs of the athletes and the athletic disciplines. In addition, the club co-operates with the relevant national, regional and local bodies to provide facilities and infrastructure from grass roots to international level. The activities strive to provide enjoyment and challenging competitive opportunities, which is based on a socially responsible foundation. The Club welcomes any members, whatever their social, religious or ethnic origin.

Club Colours:
Women and Men: Either white vest with blue edging and inverted V or white vest with blue edging and club badge on the chest.

Non – profit making
Any surplus income or gains must be reinvested in the Club. Surpluses or assets cannot be distributed to members or third parties unless subject to clause 20.

Encourage the practice and development of athletics
Assist sports promoting bodies to popularise these forms of athletic exercise in accordance with a development plan
Promote equality of opportunity and good race relations.
To extend our links with the Community in the use of our facilities
Encourage participation of disability athletics
Adopt and implement a child protection policy
Provide coaching for the members and organise competitions.
Organise teams to represent the club in championships, leagues and other competitions as the management committee shall decide.

The Club shall select out of the four athletic disciplines it caters for and pay the appropriate affiliation fee annually to the regional administrative body:

Track and field
Road running
Cross country
Race walking

The management of the Club shall be vested in an Executive Committee consisting of: -

President                                             Press Officer
Chairman                                            Equipment Officer
Vice – Chairman                                Event Co-Ordinator
Secretary                                             Sports Council Representative
Treasurer                                             Essex Network Representative
Chief Steward                                     Social Secretary
Stadium Manager                              Child Welfare Officer Men’s
Membership Secretary                      Child Welfare Officer Women’s
Coaching Secretary                            Fixtures Secretary
Three Vice Presidents elected by the AGM from the Vice Presidents list as per rule 11
Ladies Secretary                                 Men’s Secretary
The quorum for the meetings shall be Chairman or Vice Chairman, Secretary and three other Committee members.
The Committee have the power to co-opt members in a non – voting capacity.
Sub committees are formed for specific issues as they arise.

Membership is open to persons who are eligible according to the national governing bodies.
The minimum age of entry is 8 years. Each applicant for membership must complete the official application form. Applications from children (under 18 years old) must be approved by a parent.

First claim Membership
This category is for active athletes

Honorary and Second Claim Active Members:
Can take a full part in Club activities and have the right to vote at AGMs

Associate Members
Are not eligible to participate in Club competitions and activities and are excluded from membership of the committee and have no voting power at AGMs.

Committee Members
Committee members who are voted to the Committee but not necessarily Club members are eligible to vote at AGM and Special Meetings.

Life members
This is an honour awarded by the Club for meritorious service to the Club, or in the case of active athletes, as a consequence of being awarded a Senior International Vest, including England, provided they have served 2 years club membership. This honour is also awarded to a member who has 25 years continuous membership of Thurrock Harriers. The announcement of this award will be made at the AGM.

All applications shall be considered and subject to approval by the Committee.
The Committee shall have full power to reject an application for membership, suspend any member for a given period and to remove the name of any member from the membership register.

Any member found guilty of misconduct, which in the opinion of the committee is not in the true spirit of the sport or is in breach of conduct prejudicial to the good name of the club, shall be dealt with as the committee decides. Any member, who wishes to protest against a permanent or temporary suspension of the club taken by the Committee, has the right to appeal. The committee will hear any appeal within one calendar month of receipt of such an appeal.

Voting Age
At AGMs and Special General Meetings the minimum voting age shall be 16 years for all votes except team captains
Vice Presidents
The Committee shall have the power to accept vice-presidents of an unlimited number to be confirmed in office at the AGM, three of whom may be elected to serve on the Committee by the General Meeting


The annual subscription to the Club is determined at the AGM:
Under 21 and in full time education.
21 and over.
Associate Members.
An additional enrolment fee for England Athletics is payable by all new applicants.
New members joining after 30th September in any year pay ½ the annual fee plus the England Athletics enrolment fee.
All subscriptions fall on 1st April each year.

Non Payment of Subscription

The Committee shall have the power to expel any member whose subscription is six months in arrears, providing that one month’s notice in writing shall have been sent to such member by recorded delivery letter addressed to the member’s last known address, informing him/ her of the Committee’s proposed action.
The name and address of the expelled person shall be recorded sent to the regional administrative association. Any person whose name has been so recorded shall be so suspended from competing at any meeting held under governing body rules until the liability causing the expulsion, which shall not exceed one year’s subscription, shall be discharged.

A member intending to withdraw from the club shall give notice in writing to the Secretary and his/her membership terminates from that date, unless he/she is indebted to the Club. In which case the Committee may withhold acceptance of the resignation until he/she has discharged his/her liability. A member not having withdrawn before 1st April will be liable for the ensuing year’s subscription.

Track and season ticket fees 
These shall be set by the Committee at their discretion and confirmed by the AGM. They shall follow into the following categories:
( i ) Club Members including second claim members. Season tickets are payable with membership.
( ii ) Non Club Members. Season tickets are not available. Training fees are payable on attendance.
( iii ) Associate members can purchase a season ticket.

Stadium hire fees
These shall be fixed by the Committee at their discretion. A completed hire form shall be completed by the hirer, excluding the Club from liability. The Committee shall have the authority to exercise their discretion, letting as deemed appropriate, but in accordance with the terms of the Council’s lease.

Annual General Meeting
A meeting shall be held during the month of March in every year to receive the committee’s report and financial statement, elect Officers and Captains, and deal with those matters specified in the agenda. The Secretary must give every member 21 days notice of the meeting, and notice of any business it is desired to be placed on the agenda, must be given in writing to the Secretary by 28th February.
Honorary Auditors are elected at the meeting.

Special General Meeting
A Special General Meeting must be called by the Secretary within 28 days of the receipt by him/ her of a requisition in writing by 50 members of voting age, stating the business to be brought before such a meeting. No other business may be dealt with at such a meeting other than the business for which the meeting had been called.

Alterations to the Constitution
Alterations or additions to the rules must only be made at the AGM or at a Special Meeting called for that purpose
Child Protection 
The club has a Child Protection Policy which is that of UK Athletics and all future editions.  
The Club has an Equality policy which is that of UK Athletics and all future editions.


Proposal for dissolution of the Club can only be requested at the AGM. If ¾ of the Club’s Committee is in favour of proposing dissolution, an Extraordinary General Meeting must be held within 1 month of the AGM with at least 2 weeks notice. A dissolution proposal can only come from the Committee. At the AGM at least ¾ of the eligible voters (clauses 9 and 10) must vote in favour of the proposal of dissolution to become effective.
In case of dissolution, it is required:
Any net assets would be distributed for approved sporting or charitable purposes, by the Committee as agreed by the members of the Club.
All liabilities must be paid to its creditors before dissolution.
Affiliated organisations are instantly notified of the dissolution and affiliation memberships are cancelled.

Updated 7th May 2019