Athlete Code of Conduct

As a responsible athlete you will:

  • Dress appropriate for training and competition and for the season. Remember to bring your spikes if needed.
  • Eat sensibly and always leave two hours after eating food before you train or compete
  • Use all club equipment properly as you have been shown and respect the facilities.
  • Always use the track safely, showing awareness of other users.
  • Never use headphones or phones while on the track.
  • Not throw chewing gum or any litter on or around the track.
  • Tell your Coach of any health issues and changes to family contact details
  • Show respect to other Coaches and athletes by being polite, being helpful and listening to guidance or instructions.
  • Make sure your Parents are aware of your Coach's phone number and are in regular contact.
  • Let your Coach know if you cannot make training or you will be late.
  • Always sign in before you start training.
  • Report to your Coach or one of the Welfare Officers any incident that has happened that you are unhappy about.
  • Never give your personal details to or accept lifts by anyone you don't know.
  • Always use safe travel arrangements known by your Parents.
  • Always come to training and competition with a positive attitude, show a good team spirit and enjoy athletics.

This code of conduct was devised by a sub -committee of seven young athletes on 9th Feb 2016.