20 Dec

Fundraising update 2019 - Thankyou!

We have had a great year for Fundraising this year

We have this year applied to various companies and organisations for Funding/grants and won some and lost some. Thank you to  the companies for helping us and everyone who bought a ticket and/or made a donation.

So we have received the following:

From CVS in Grays
(Community And Voluntary Services)

From Thurrock council

From our local Coop

From FSJ Charities

Plus our 3 Raffles we have had this year

Fitbit, AGM Raffle and The Arsenal Football Shirt
Roughly (£ 540)

And I have just received an email from Ikea and we came runner up and have
A £50 Ikea Voucher.

If you hear of any companies and organisations that are offering grants and funding for voluntary organisations or if you have a spare moment next year and want to google on the big wide web, ant help in raising funds to keep the track top spec woul be greatly appreciated!
For Funding and Grants for voluntary organisations let me know and I will apply for them.

Thanks Everyone

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year