31 Dec

On Boxing day some Thurrock Harrier athletes put down the turkey sandwiches and Quality Street and took on the Crown to Crown.
There was an impressive turnout of 226 runners and the course was rather muddy from the previous days rain.
Our very own Taylor Newall took the prize of 1st Male.
Results as follows:
Taylor Newell: 16:47 (1st male and overall winner)
Ben Prior: 17:33 (3rd male)
Chander Dhillon: 18:06 (5th male)
Ifeoluwa Adebusoye: 18:19 (6th male)
Kathryn Spring: 21:06 (2nd senior female)
Jayne Elvin: 21:16 (3rd senior female)
Henri Willett: 22:16
Lucas Willett: 22:20
Brooke Mensah: 23:47
Chris Applegate: 24:05
Charlie Matthews: 23:38
Holly Matthews: 24:10
Gary Rowlatt: 28:56
Keith Willett was also running the course with Sam.Well done everyone!