13 Jun

Following the positive response to our first newsletter we are following up with a second. We aim to send newsletters out periodically to keep you updated on club news; including results from recent competitions, future events, and some of the things that go on behind the scenes to make sure the club runs smoothly.  We would like to hear your feedback on what you may like to see included too. 

The main change to covid rules from the 17th May is that we are allowed to have groups of up to 30 in outdoor areas. This means that spectators can access the track. However, we do ask them to sign the track and trace register outside the club house and the social distancing guidelines still apply. The clubhouse and shop we are keeping closed for the time being although this will be reviewed on the 21st June. There has being no relaxation from England Athletics after the 17th May milestone on the rules for cleaning and sanitising of athletics equipment. 

There have being a number of open meetings of which some of the results for Thurrock athletes are included below. The club takes part in three Track and Field Leagues which give members the opportunity to compete at no cost and to be part of a team. We compete in the Eastern Young Athletes League (EYAL) for the Under 17’s, the Southern Athletes League (SAL) for Under 17 upwards and the Eastern Masters Athletes Club League (EMAC) for Over 35’s. This year we only have a Men’s team in the Masters League. However, if we have enough interest, we would love to have a Women’s team next year.
Thurrock Masters win first League fixture 
The first League fixture took place on the 2nd June which was the EMAC. Thurrock won this League fixture for the first time in the History of the Club, beating Southend, Chelmsford and Basildon, Colchester and Ipswich. The next league fixtures are the SAL on the 20th June at Hornchurch and the EYAL on the 4th July.
Championship events are now starting. The Essex Schools start on on the 12th June, Essex 5000m 7th July, and SEAA on the 12/13th June. The England Athletics Champs started on the 28/29th May with the Senior/U20 combined events. A full list is given on the link below

For upcoming events click here - Upcoming Fixtures - THURROCK HARRIERS (thurrockharriersac.com)   

Future Meetings          
12th June               Essex Schools              Chelmsford                                            
12/13th June         SEAA U20/Sen             Bedford                                               
20th June               SAL                                 Hornchurch                                            
30th June               EMAC                             Thurrock                                            
4th July                   EYAL                               Thurrock                                            
3/4th July               SEAA Comb.                 Oxford                                          
7th July                   Essex Schools Year 7  Chelmsford                                          
7th July                   Essex 5000m                Chelmsford                                           
11th July                 SAL                                 Woodford                                             

Recent Results 
EMAC League 2nd June 2021
Thurrock won a Masters league fixture for the first time ever although by narrow margins. Thurrock finished on 94 points with Colchester on 91, Chelmsford/Basildon on 89 and Southend on 84. This was done by filling all the events, having a very good turnout and some good individual performances. Thanks also to Stuart and Caroline for officiating, and to Bernie for being team manager. We even had two reserves and supporters.
Micheal Shortall 1st 100m 12.1s, 2nd 400m 54.6s, 1st LJ 5.43m, 3rd TJ 11.03m
Toby Draper 800m 4th 2:22.9              
Glen Rawlinson 4th SP 9.32m, 5th DT 21.15m              
Steve Ball NS 100m 13.6s, NS LJ 4.26m
Paul Michell NS 800m 2:36.8
Cliff Warren 5th 100m 14.6s, 2nd LJ 4.34m, 1st TJ 9.43m              
Nigel Instance 5th 400m 65.6s, 3rd SP 7.48m, 2nd DT 23.06m              
Scott Rice 2nd 2:28.3
Jon Metcalf 1st 100m 14.7s, 1st 400m 65.3s, 4th SP 6.18m, 2nd LJ 3.42m              
Chris Applegate 3rd 800m 3:00.9, B string Walk 3rd                                  
Bernie Johnson 4th DT 17.18m              
Eamonn Shelley A string Walk 2nd   

Bromley – 22nd May 2021   
Micheal Shortall M35 110mH 15.87
Micheal Shortall M35 300mH 41.35
Taylor Newall Sen 800m 2:00.17
Harry Wyatt U15 800m 2:06.35 PB
Demi Eves U20 800m 2:18.78
Ryan West U15 800m 2:18.92 PB
Katie Hawkins U13 800m 2:42.58 PB
Ben Prior Sen 1500m 4:13.29
Jayne Elvin U17 1500m 4:48.74
Isabel Forrest U13 5:26.59 PB
Nicole Hawkins U13 1500m 5:51.27 PB
Olivia Forrest U13 6:03.47    

Woodford Green 22nd May 2021   
Jeremy Godwin U13 100m 14.32
Madeline Booty U17 100m 13.89
Jeremy Godwin U13 150m 21.12 PB
Millie TREDGETT U17 200m 30.61 PB
Jeremy Godwin U13 200m 30.42 PB
Lucy Chapelhow U15 200m 31.19 PB
Alice Coshell U13 200m 30.96 PB
Ema Aidea U17 300m 48.82 PB
Lucy Chapelhow U15 800m 2:32.36 PB
Alice Coshell U13 70mH 12.38 PB
Lucy Chapelhow U15 75mH 13.67 PB
Stephen Adesina U15 80mH 13.20 PB
William Watts U15 80mH 14.13 PB
Jodie Self U17 80mH 11.83 PB
Stephen Adesina U15 HJ 1.55 PB
William Watts U15 HJ 1.50 PB
Sue Lawrence V50 SP 10.48 PB
Alice Coshell U13 SP 4.39 PB
Sue Lawrence V50 DT 28.87
Sue Lawrence V50 HT 38.88 PB
Sue Lawrence V50 JT 25.59 PB
Ema Aidea   U17 JT 15.66 PB                    

Peterborough Marathon   
Toby Draper V45 Marathon 2:42:04 PB  1st V45            
Tim Martin V40 Marathon 3:17:35 PB
Nick Trencher V45 Marathon 3:21:32 PB

London Olympic Park 12th May 2021 
Kathryn Spring V40 10k 39:49 PB (First Lady)
Richard Jubb V60 10k 44:31 PB
Bernie Johnson V65 10k 46:11
Gary Rowlatt V50 5k 20:23 PB
John O’Shea V60 5k 21:47

16th May Colchester Zoo Stampede 10k 
Hayley Slawson 55:08 PB

29th May Mayesbrook Park Open   
Ruby Ayott (U15) 100m 14.26
Sophie Matthews (U15) 800m 2:30.8
Ben Prior (Sen) 2:08.63
Harry Wyatt (U15)  4:26.73 PB   

Behind the scenes/Points from committee meetings:

Stadium Maintenance 
Stadium Floodlights; our stadium floodlights are obsolete and are increasingly difficult to repair. Work is currently underway to find the best option to replace with modern, high efficient lighting.   We have also been looking for funding over the last few months and discussing planning consent with the council.
Containers One of our storage containers is in a poor state and needs replacing. We are looking for a good value replacement.
Lawn Mower   Our Lawn mower is continually breaking down and we are looking for a replacement. We have asked the council if they can cut our grass. 

We are always looking for funding to help pay for new items like the floodlights. This also helps keep the membership and track fees competitive. Anyone with idea’s for raising money, donations from local companies, please let us know.

Track Hire
As you are aware hiring the track is a much-needed revenue for the club.   Although track hire is significantly down on previous years due to covid, the new school, Orsett Heath Academy, has started to use the track. Also, the Football Association is planning to use the track on five Sundays over the summer for referee fitness tests.  

Jack Petchey Awards
Voting has started on the first two athlete awards. Voting can either be done by survey monkey or by forms available at the clubhouse. We plan to make a Leader Award next and then two more Athlete Awards this year.

Our club is run by volunteers and we are always looking for more; if you are interested then please let us know.  We are particularly interested in anyone who may have considered training to be a coach or an official and ask that they please contact anyone in the committee. Also, it would be useful to know of athletes or parents who have contacts or skills that may be useful to the club. A couple of examples is someone with contact with the local council and legal skills. 

Under 11’s Two groups of U11’s has now started training on a Thursday.  

Club Standards The first meeting has been held with England Athletics to start the process of implementing ‘Club Standards’. This is a relatively new initiative lunched by EA to ensure clubs are operated in a safe and responsible way. The ‘Club Standards’ cover the area of Governance and Duty of Care, and the main activity will be updating the club’s constitution, policies and procedures and improving club communication.

 Feed Back- Any comments, feedback, ideas for future newsletters please e mail to Thurrockharrierssecretary@outlook.com