02 Sep

This is our Fourth newsletter. We aim to send newsletters out periodically to keep you updated on club news; including results from recent competitions, future events, and some of the things that go on behind the scenes to make sure the club runs smoothly.  
We would like to hear your feedback on what you may like to see included too. Please e mail thurrockharrierssecretary@outlook.com with your feedback. Also any feedback on ideas for improving how the club is organised please email the address above. 

The clubhouse and refreshments are now open providing refreshments to users of the stadium and income to the club. Although covid guidelines have generally relaxed we do encourage everyone to use the sanitising stations available and respect everyone’s space. 

Behind the scenes/Points from committee meetings 
Stadium Maintenance 
Stadium Floodlights; our stadium floodlights are obsolete and are increasingly difficult to repair. Work is currently underway to find the best option to replace with modern, high efficiency lighting.   A funding request has been submitted to Thurrock Council with a response expected by November 2021.
A new container is arriving on Thursday 19th July to replace an old one that is in a poor state of repair.
Lawn Mower   
We now have a new Lawnmower.
Public Address System   
Our PA system is old, unreliable and needs replacing. We have identified a ‘small project’ funding route that if successful would allow us to get a new PA system for summer 2022. 

We are always looking for funding to help pay for new items like the floodlights. This also helps keep the membership and track fees competitive. Anyone with idea’s for raising money, donations from local companies, please let us know. We have been successful with a number of donations, however we always need more. Those who shop at Asda will be aware of the Asda foundation and Green Token Giving. 

Track Hire  
As you are aware hiring the track is a much-needed revenue for the club.   Although track hire is significantly down on previous years due to covid, the new school, Orsett Heath Academy, and the Football Association have started to use the track.  
Orsett Heath Academy-(OHA) 
The planning  application for the new school is on the Thurrock Council Planning website. Follow link below.   21/01309/FUL | Development of a new secondary school with associated sports facilities, access, parking, highway improvements, landscaping and ancillary works | Land Adjacent Blackshots Stadium And Stanford Road Grays Essex (thurrock.gov.uk) We are expecting OHA to increase its hiring of the track, as numbers of pupils at the school increase. 

Jack Petchey Awards   
June winners were Joyce Nzekwe and Josiah Williams . Voting for the Leader Award has now started. 

Our club is run by volunteers and we are always looking for more; if you are interested then please let us know.  We are particularly interested in anyone who may have considered training to be a coach or an official and ask that they please contact anyone in the committee. Also, it would be useful to know of athletes or parents who have contacts or skills that may be useful to the club. A couple of examples is someone with contact with the local council and legal skills. 

 We are re-opening our waiting lists to junior members. We have a lot of interest particularly from U11’s. What we really need are more coaches. 

Club Standards
England Athletics have updated their Safe guarding standards following an independent review. More information can be found through the attached link.  Club Safeguarding and Welfare - Clubs & Facilities (englandathletics.org) 

Essex AA  
Essex AA are starting to pull together plans for the 2021/22 Cross Country Season.  The joint Essex and Eastern Indoor Championships are planned for the 12th/13th February 2022. 

 The club takes part in three Track and Field Leagues which give members the opportunity to compete at no cost and to be part of a team. We compete in the Eastern Young Athletes League (EYAL) for the Under 17’s, the Southern Athletes League (SAL) for Under 17 upwards and the Eastern Masters Athletes Club League (EMAC) for Over 35’s. For upcoming events click here - Upcoming Fixtures - THURROCK HARRIERS (thurrockharriersac.com)                                           

Summary of Results   
Eastern Masters Track and Field League, Southern Division 30th June 2021   
Top 3 Teams – 1st Thurrock 103, 2nd Southend 101, 3rd Co1chester 79,   
Micheal Shortall, 200m 1st  24.3s,  110mH 1st 16.5s, PV, 6th, 1.22m
Chris Applegate – M60, 3000m, 5th  12:22.9
Glen Rawlinson, HT, 6th , 13.46m, JT, 3rd, 44.18m,
Steve Ball, HJ, 5th, 1.30m
Scott Thrush, 200m, NS, 28.4s 4x400m relay, 3rd, 04:07.6,
Steve Ball, Marek Kowalski, Scott Thrush, Micheal Shortall,
Cliff Warren, 200m, 5th 30.2s, HJ 2nd, 1.25m, PV, 3rd, 1.22m,
Scott Rice, 3000m, 3rd 10:03.3
Nigel Instance, 100mH, 1st, 20.6s, HT, 2nd, 20.86m,  JT, 2nd, 29.38m, 4x400m relay, 1st, 04:25.7,
Scott Rice, Nigel Instance, Cliff Warren, Jon Metcalf
Jon Metcalf, 200m , 1st 29.6s, 100mH, 1st, 21.6s, HJ 1st tied, 1.15m
John O’Shea, 3000m, 3rd  11:58.8
Eamonn Shelley, 1500m Walk, A string, 2nd, 09:33.7
Bernie Johnson, 1500mWalk, B string, 2nd, 10:57.5, HT, 3rd, 12.78m, JT, 3rd, 16.16m
Sue Lawrence, HT, NS, 40.13m

Essex schools Year 7 Championships 30th June Chelmsford 
Alice Coshell – 70mH 1st 11.95 PB S.
Pasztor – 1500m 4th 5:36.81

ESAA East Anglia Regional Schools combined events- Corby 26/27 Jun 
Junior Girls Pentathlon 
Lucy Chapelhow 7th 2217 pts
Junior Boys 
Stephen Adesina 4th 2255 pts William Watts 8th 1904 pts
Intermediate Girls 
Ogechuwu Nzekwe  3rd 4193 pts
Jodie Self 8th 3504 pts 8th 1904 pts

South of England Combined Events Championship – Horspath 4th July 
U15B Pentathlon 
William Watts 3rd 1638 pts

English Schools Championships Sport City 9-11 July  
Jodie Self  80mH U17  5th 11.48 equal PB and club record

Eastern Young Athletes league Results 4th July Thurrock 
Thurrock were 3rd team with only Havering and Chelmsford above them.
U13 Girls 
Chelsea Clarke – 100m A string 3rd, 14.6s, 70mH B string 3rd 14.4s, HJ B string 2nd 1.10m,
Ana-Elizabeth Aldea- 100m B string 5th , 17.0
Alice Coshell – 200m A string 4th 31.5s, 70mH A string 2nd 12.7s, HJ A string 4th 1.15m
Nicole Hawkins – 200m B string 3rd  32.4, 800m A string 4th 2:46.1
Olivia Forrest – 800m B string 2nd 2:49.8, LJ A string 5th 3.05m
Isabel Forrest – 1500m A string    2nd 5:29.3, LJ B string 5th 2.42m,
Katie Hawkins – 1500m B string 5th 6:14.6
Dasia Oladele – SP A string 1st 7.65m, DT A string 2nd  15.68m, JT B string 4th  12.52m
Lila Chapelhow – SP B string 1st 6.94m, DT B string 3rd  11.43m, JT A string 4th  13.28m 4x100m relay – 4th 60.7s
U15 Girls 
Hope Olagunju – 100m A string 3rd 13.9 s,  200m A string 2nd 29.5s,  JT B string 3rd 7.75m
Ruby Ayott – 100m 4th B string 14.7s,  200m B string 3rd 29.1s, 300m A string 5th 47.4
Tia’bat Owosho  300m B string 47.3s, 75mH B string 4th 13.9s, LJ A string 2nd 4.38m
Lucy Chapelhow  800m 3rd A string 2:34.3,  75mH A string  5th 13.6s, HJ A string 5th 1.30m
Sophie Matthews 1500m A string 3rd 5:09.9
Jasleen Lotta  1500m B string 4th  6:16.6
Summer Carpenter-Prout  SP 4th 6.96m, DT A string 2nd 19.56m, HT A string 1st 16.11m
Shannon Beveridge – SP B string 3rd 5.30m, JT A string 4th 8.18m 4x100m 5th 56.4s
U17 Women 
Zion Ballou – 100m A string 4th  13.5s, 200m B string 3rd 28.7s
Shenaiah Allen McKenna – 100m B string  3rd 14.7s, 80mH B string 1st 13.0s, HJ B string 3rd 1.45m,
Ogechuwu Nzekwe 200m A string 3rd 28.3s, HJ A string 3rd 1.45m, SP A string 2nd 10.68m
Jayne Elvin – 300m A string 2nd 45.2s, 1500m A string 1st 5:07.2
Maddie Booty – 300m B string 3rd 47.1s
Niamh Pridie – 800m A string 5th 2:53.2, DT A string 3rd 19.10m, JT A string 2nd 25.09m
Jodie Self – 80mH A string 1st 12.1s, LJ A string 2nd 5.16m
Sara Sardi- TJ A string 1st 10.03m, JT B string 2nd 21.16m
Emily Butler- SP B string 1st 9.15m, DT B string 3rd 15.56m, HT A string 1st 34.44m 4x100m relay 3rd 51.6s
U13 Boys 
Folaranmi Olaniyan- 100m A string 1st  13.9s, 200m A string 1st 29.2s, LJ A string 5th 3.53m
Olaseni Oluwa- 100m B string 2nd 14.5s, 200m B string 1st 30.1s
Daniel Brown – 800m A string 3rd 2:29.8, 75mH A string 1st 13.1s, HJ A string 1st 1.30m
Jeremy Goodwin- 800m B string 3rd 2:37.8, HJ B string 1st 1.30m, JT A string 4th 15.00m
Aidan Mc Lennon- SP A string 1st 5.86m
Teni Oluwa – SP B string 2nd 5.02
Callum Higgs – JT B string 3rd 5.04m 4x100m relay 1st 55.3s
U15 Boys 
Emmanuel Asirifi-Otehere – 100m A string 6th 13.8s, 200m A string 6th 29.7s, 300m A string4th  44.0s
Josiah Williams – 100m B string 4th 12.9, SP B string 2nd 8.19m, DT A string 2nd 21.98
Jake Saunders – 200m B string 6th 31.4s, JT B string 2nd 18.51m
Ryan West – 300m B string 3rd 44.9s, 800m A string 3rd 2:21.3
Louis Geater – 800m B string 4th 2:52.9
Lucas Willett – 1500m A string 6th 5:23.4
Stephen Adesina- 80mH A string 4th 13.6s, HJ A string 2nd 1.65m, SP A string 2nd 9.24m
Oreanuoluwa Adepegba- HJ B string 1st 1.60m,  LJ A string 3rd 5.25m, JT A string 2nd 30.04m
Chukwuemek Nzekwe – LJ B string 2nd 4.47m 4x100m 2nd 51.2s
U17 Men 
Tom Lee – 100m A string 1st 11.9s, 200m A string 4th 24.8s, HT A string 4th 14.85m
Abdul Akende – 100m B string 4th 13.1s, SP A string 2nd 12.26m, DT A string 4th 26.89m
Kosi Okonyia – 200m  B string 3rd 25.2s, SP B string  1st 11.51m, DT B string 3rd 23.18m
Orhan Corek -  400m A string 5th 60.7s, 1500m A string 5th 5:37.5, LJ B string 2nd 5.00m
Jack Warren – 800m A string 6th 2:29.5, TJ A string 4th 10.64m
Charlie Seago – 100mH A string 4th 15.4s, HJ A string 2nd 1.80m, JT A string 3rd 28.57m
Maison Carpenter-Prout- 100mH B string 2nd 17.8s, HJ B string 1st 1.60m, LJ A string 3rd 5.80m 4x100m 3rd 46.6s   

Southern Athletics League Round 2 – 11th July 21   
The second round of the SAL was held at Woodford. Thurrock was third behind Woodford Green and Thurrock and ahead of traditionally stronger clubs like Ilford and Newham. Overall we are 38th in the League out of 97 clubs. This gives us some confidence for next year when we move back to the normal League structure and we want to keep in Division 2 out of the 3 divisions.
Tom Lee – 100m A string – 4th 11.54s, 200m A string – 4th 23.74
Abdulahman Akende – 100m B string 5th 12.46s, SP A string 3rd 10.27m, DT A string 3rd 23.66m
Liam Chivers – 200m B string 4th 24.27s
Ben Prior – 800m A string 3rd 2:02.92
Leon Wheeler – 1500m A string 2nd 4:12.84
Alec Finch – 1500m B string 3rd 4:17.97
Taylor Newell – 3000m A string 2nd 9:00.71
Sunny Vehit – 3000m B string 3rd 10:07.43
Micheal Shortall- 110mH A string 1st 17.85s, 400mH A string 2nd 60.81, LJ B string 3rd 5.56m, TJ B string 1st 10.78m
Mason Carpenter-Prout – LJ A string 3rd 5.88m, TJ A string 1st 12.28m
Charlie Seago- HJ A string 3rd 1.75m, JT B string 3rd 32.11m
Tosin Olajide- HJ B string 1st 1.65m, JT A string 3rd 35.75m
Kosi Okonyia- SP B string 1st 9.32m, DT B string 3rd 18.52m 4x100m 2nd 46.50s 4x400m Mixed 2nd 4:06.84
Natalie Le Beau- 100m A string 4th 13.45, 200m A string 4th 27.61s
Victoria Staines – 100m B string 3rd 13.48s
Madeline Booty – 200m B string 3rd 27.82s
Jayne Elvin – 400m B string 3rd 60.86s
Leah Brewer- 400m B string 3rd 66.79s, TJ B string 3rd 8.61m
Demi Eves – 800m a string 2nd 2:19.76
Sarah Blockley- 1500m A string 3rd 5:07.35
Kathryn Spring – 1500m B string 3rd 5:15.88
Jodie Farrell – 1500m S/C –  A string 1st 6:37.03
Ogechukwa Nzekwe – HJ A string – 1st 1.40m, LJ A string 1st 5.31m
Zion Ballou – LJ B string 2nd 4.85m
Sara Sardi – TJ A string 1st 10.62m
Sue Lawrence- SP A string 2nd 8.78m, DT B string 3rd 27.16m, HT A string 2nd 32.51m, JT A string 1st 25.09m
Ruby Bridger – SP B string 1st 8.50m, JT B string 1st 21.42m
Caroline Drewitt – DT B string 3rd 31.97m
Emily Butler – HT B string 2nd 29.82m   4x100m 3rd 53.07s 4x400m Mixed 3:53.99   

Eastern Masters League Match 3 – Southend 28th July   
Southend, with the advantage of a home fixture and a rain storm that led to the cancellation of our strongest event, the Long Jump, won this match with 93 points with Thurrock in second with 82 points. Overall with 1 match left Southend are in the lead with 279 points with Thurrock second with 278.5 points.
Micheal Shortall – 100m 1st 12.5s, 400m 1st 55.5s
Paul Mitchell – 1500m 5th 5:37.0
Glen Rawlinson – SP 3rd 8.84m, DT 4th 21.12m
Steve Ball – HJ 5th 1.35mm M50
Cliff Warren – 100m 5th 14.7s, HJ 2nd 1.25m
Richard Jubb – 400m 5th 74.4s
Scott Rice – 1500m 3rd 4:51.0
Nigel Instance – SP 3rd 7.39m, DT 2nd 22.84m M60
Jon Metcalf – 100m 1st 15.1s, 400m 1st 68.7s, SP 4th 6.25m, HJ 2nd 1.25m
John O’Shea – 1500m 4th 5:55.0
Eamonn Shelley – 2km walk A string 2nd 12:32.0
Bernie Johnson – 2km walk B string 2nd 14:24.0, DT 3rd 17.24m

Essex AA County Championships 
The total medal haul for Thurrock Harriers was 18 gold, 7 silver and 7 bronze. A couple of special mentions firstly to Daniel Brown for winning 4 gold medals all with PB’s , and secondly to Micheal Shortall for winning the vets 100m with the closest finish of the weekend, the first four were all within 0.1 seconds.
Micheal Shortall 100m 1st 12.03s, 300m 1st 39.17s
Senior Men 
Taylor Newell – 1500m 4th 4:14.90
Ben Prior – 3000m 6th 9:07.54 (PB)
Leon Wheeler – 800m 3rd 1:57.97 (PB), 1500m 3rd 4:03.70
Abdulahman Akende – SP 2nd 12.67m
Tom Lee – 100m 6th 11.62s, 200m 7th 23.60w (PB)
Charlie Seago- HJ 2nd 1.75m
Maison Carpenter- Prout – TJ 1st 11.65m
Kosi Okonyia – SP 3rd 11.37m
Stephen Adesina – 80mH 6th 13.38s, HJ 2nd 1.55m, LJ 4th 5.38m (PB), SP 2nd 9.08m
Oreanuoluwa Adepegba – HJ 1st 1.60 (PB), LJ 5th 5.15m
Daniel Brown – 75mH 1st 12.96s (PB), HJ 1st 1.39m (PB), LJ 1st 4.53m (PB), SP 1st 7.65m (PB)
Senior Women 
Victoria Staines – 100m 4th 13.37, 200m 7th 28.54s
Natalie Le Beau – 100m 5th 13.58s, LJ 3rd 4.79m, TJ 2nd 9.98m (PB)
Toyin Olufemi – 100m 6th 13.58s, SP 2nd 8.87m , DT 2nd 25.25m
Demi Eves – 800m 1st 2:17.87
Sarah Blockley – 1500m 1st 5:09.32
Madeleine Booty – 200m 5th 27.55s (PB)
Moyin Opaniran – 200m 7th 29.34s
Shenaiah Allen-McKenna – 80mH 5th 13.03s
Jodie Self – LJ 4th 5.02m, 80mH 1st 11.69s
Sara Sardi- TJ 1st 10.15m
Abigail Osunde – TJ 4th 9.20m (PB)
Emily Butler – HT 3rd 31.60m
Hope Olagunju – 200m 6th 28.36s (PB 27.99s in heats), LJ 7th 3.84m
Lucy Chapelhow – 75mH 6th 13.04s (PB 12.95s in heats), LJ 6th 4.17m
Daniella Oladele – 1000 walk 1st 9:43.20, SP 1st 10.74m (PB), DT 3rd 23.96m(PB)
Summer Carpenter-Prout – DT 5th 17.84m U13W
Nicole Hawkins – 800m 8th 2:43.85 (PB)
Isabel Forrest – 800m 10th 2:48.42 (PB), 1500m 10th 5:28.44
Olivia Forrest – 800m 13th 2:54.24, 1500m 14th 5:39.30
Katie Hawkins – 800m 14th 3:00.76
Alice Coshell – 70mH 1st 12.35s
Dasia Oladele – 1000m walk 1st 9:43.34, SP 1st 7.37m, DT 4th 13.90m
Obasorekunmi Obanubi – LJ 5th 3.58m (PB), DT 3rd 16.82m (PB), JT 1st 23.86m (PB)
Lila Chapelhow – SP 4th 6.94m, HT 1st 15.32m (PB), JT 4th 9.94m     

Feed Back-    Any comments, feedback, ideas for future newsletters please e mail to Thurrockharrierssecretary@outlook.com