COVID-19 and Track fees - Membership

23 Mar

To all our members:

As you are aware, the track is closed until further notice, following Government guidelines.

This is of real concern to us and to our members as it will no doubt hinder their progress later this year. However, putting it into perspective, it is the same for all clubs and we have to focus on the welfare of the whole country first.

In the meantime, we want to encourage you to remain members of THAC and England Athletics. As a club, we rely completely on membership fees, track fees and hiring the facility to schools to survive financially, but we want to help families who may be struggling. So we ask that you pay the £35 junior or £45 adult membership fee and the £16 England Athletics fee but withhold the track fees/season ticket until the track reopens. When it does, we will ask you to pay a reduced fee based on the months remaining in the year. For those that have already paid, we will sort out once the track reopens.

The membership form was sent to all members in January but can be resent if needed by emailing

Please can you either scan the forms to us, or hold on until we reopen.

I hope we can support each other during these difficult times.

Please keep in touch with Coaches and keep an eye on Facebook and our website for further news.

Gerry Heapy

Chair, THAC.